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Most expectant mothers tell us that they just want to get going with ordering a DVD and wished that someone would help them by pre-selecting and narrowing down the choices from amongst the thousands of Prenatal Yoga DVDs out there….to simply tell them which of the prental yoga DVDs is best….you can now rely on our ratings to help you get going fast and easy….we’ve supplied links to the pregnancy/prenatal Yoga DVDs that we think are the best.  We have carefully evaluated all offerings based on overall quality and customer satisfaction….below are our top recommendations.

Your Top Seven Prenatal Yoga DVDs as Recommended by Your Prenatal Yoga DVD Reviewers

We have gone through over 100 prenatal and pregnancy yoga DVDs and compiled the best so you won’t go wrong with any of our top seven picks – but here is our rated list from 1-7

# 1. Prenatal Yoga – with Shiva Rea.    Each Trimester has it’s own module and as your pregnancy progresses modifications are given to co-ordinate with your pregnancies progress.  (Rated 5/5  more times by others than any other prenatal yoga DVD.)   For more info Click Here

# 2. Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga – with Jennifer Wolfe.   If you have not done Yoga before then this is not a good pick.  If you have done a lot then this is rated tops.   Jennifer has lots of experience in the field as as prenatal yoga instructor and teacher.  Customer satisfaction levels for this fitness video are very high.  This DVD has also won an award. For more info click here

# 3. Anna Getty’s Pre & Post Natal Yoga Workout- with Anna Getty.   Nice that there are 2 DVDs here, one for when you need your prenatal yoga  and one for when you need postnatal yoga.  Their are three women in it in three stages of pregnancy doing the pregnancy yoga poses and postures so you can see how the routines look on real women first hand.   If pregnancy yoga classes are not handy then have your own yoga instructor on video taking you through all the prenatal yoga poses is next best to being in a yoga studio…..Relaxing and engaging…High user satisfaction level.  For more info click here

# 4. Prenatal Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Mothers to Be- with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.  This highly experienced teacher of Prenatal Yoga has a superior reputation in the yoga word.  If you want more of a spiritual benefit to this special time this one would be rated tops - the physical and spiritual are in excellent balance.   For more on a great pregnancy yoga DVD click here.

#5. Prenatal Yoga with Mimi Solaire- with Mimi Solaire.  An excellent pick for the gentle and safe crowd that has little or no yoga practice experience.  Also, rated high for those with back issues.   For more …click here

#6. Getting Started with Prenatal Yoga- with Michael Wohl.  Covers the essentials in this prenatal yoga class on video in an easy to understand way.  You will now have your own yoga practice or have new insights into poses if you are pregnant.  A well rounded offering, for more info click here

#7. Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga: Second Trimester DVD – with Sara Holliday.  If you’re already fit, this is great for your second trimester.  High customer satisfaction level mostly because the users stayed looking great.   For more info on this and other fitness DVDs click here

You’ll also find here our 3 top picks for non yoga workouts on The RIGHT.

##### If you want an authentic Yoga experience with no workout
…  maybe you’ve always wonder what it would be like to sit with an authentic Yoga Master High in the Himalayas…if so, then we would highly recommend the art film “Personal Time with Swami-ji” which features rare time with the last of the great authentic Yoga Swamis – Swami Sundaranand.   Directed my master film artist Victor Demko.  To find out more Cick Here